An adult dolphin carried with his little dead child on back swiming to the deep sea (Pictures)

July 13, a post entitled entitled "Rare touching scene of dolphin - let's go home, my child! " appeared on the Chinese website of southern morning paper. It said that an adult dolphin carries with a little dead dolphin on back swiming to the deep sea, many times, the little dolphin slid from the back of the adult, but the adult dolphin stubbornly persists in spite of the safety.

"My child,
Whether you are alive or dead
I will never abandon you
No matter the wide sea, the great wave, and danger
I'll take you back home, back home!

People found a 3 meters long adult dolphin is carrying a 1.5 m long little dolphin on back swimming difficultly to the deep sea. When the boat slowly neared, people found that the little dolphin has been died, there's a about 30 cm of wound  in the exposed abdomen and the blood has become black. the adult dolphin carried it on back quickly swaing to the deep. Because of the great waves, the little dolphin slid from the adult dolphin's back for five time in the 3 minutes, but every time the adult dolphin turned back and submerged, then carried the little dolphin went on even if the boat was closing to them...

An old boatman who lives near the beach for 60 years said that: 'I've heard of the story of the dolphin rescuing mankind, but I saw for oneself for the first time that dolphin would never betray his kin'. People were not willing to go to disturb them and looked after they swimming to the deep sea. The boat returned slowly,  the tourists havd no excitement before.

The touching scene in Sanniang Bay of Qinzhou, China.

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I hope a boat did not make the cut on the baby. I hope all countries realize ALL animals have feelings and thoughts just like humans.

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